West Poland, Baltic Sea

It has been really quiet here on the blog. That's not because I stopped writing or doing photography, but because I don't have money to travel right now. And the reason for that is, I'm finally getting a van to go on a proper roadtrip, which means I'm trying to put away as much as possible. If … Continue reading

Japan in a nutshell

uniforms and lightsabers This is a guest post by fellow tour guide David, who is also a longtime traveller to Asia. He spends weeks or even months every winter in Vietnam. This year though he did a short trip to Japan and was kind enough to share his thoughts. Nippon, surprisingly isn't as … Continue reading

Happy New Year

A Lego Star Wars Stop Motion Seasonal Greetings By now it is something of a tradition to do a little video for New Year's. It started with tea lights as pixels three years ago, followed by a break and a little uninspired play with fire. So, this year we unleashed our inner geek and got a couple … Continue reading