Roman tower in the city walls of Carcassonne

Foix & Carcassonne

Chasing Cathars pt.2 impregnable fortresses Preface - the things to come I have a writer's block, or more precisely I would have one, if I were an actual writer. Since I am not, I had to try to figure out, why I have this fuckton of material from our trip to the South of France and not doing … Continue reading

More London Street Art

Murals and Grafitti from the Eastend Since these photos have been collecting dust on my hard-drive for ages and I just don't seem to find to find the time to give them the attention they deserve, I decided to just share them with you, without additional info. I might still get around to properly … Continue reading

Mecklenburg Lake district

I am super lucky in my regard to my friends. In fact almost all of my best friends have been around since my school days. But you know how it is, jobs, families, taxes  and all the rest live throws at grown-ups to make it hard to actually hang out with the people you love, and you end up seeing … Continue reading

Toulouse – just for a day

Chasing Cathars Toulouse was our first stop on a recent road trip exploring the south of France. Since we're a bit nerdy we needed an over-arching topic, an excuse so to say, for why we would spend 12 days driving from one medieval wonder to the next. Shortly before I read about the Cathars, an … Continue reading
Two stick figures by street artist STIK in London, one showing a woman in a hidschab.

Street Art of Shoreditch

London's Eastend is an urban art mecca Berlin, were we live is often considered to be Europe's streetart capital. While it is true, that Berlin is a top destination from all over the world and that we have a number of local artist who are up there with the best, the overall quality is rather … Continue reading