The power of music

How to pick music for video and where to get it I'm still relatively new to video, although Thore who filmed and cut the two videos below has long time experience as an editor/cutter for advertising and music videos. One of the hardest things for me is picking the right tune for a video. First you … Continue reading

Cloudporn Collection

Open Skies and dramatic clouds One thing we never get tired of is looking in the sky. Most of us tend to never look up. We gaze on the floor just in front of our feet so we don't stumble (or step in dogshit if you live in Berlin). If we look ahead our view is obstructed by houses, cars and trees, … Continue reading

Escape from Berlin – Havelland

Minute 1 Ich liebe meine Arbeit und ich liebe Berlin, aber auch als Stadtführer mit Hang zum Professoralen sehnt man sich gelegentlich nach ein paar Tagen Ruhe und offenen Himmel. Brandenburg ist nach wie vor zu großen Teilen terra incognita, auch wenn ich es im Sommer immerhin mal in den … Continue reading