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Rest assured, this will stay the only selfie for a long time....

Rest assured, this will stay the only selfie for a long time….

Sascha is old enough to have personally met dinosaurs and Atlantans but keeps pretending it was in the 70s. Born and raised in Berlin he was always something of a visual person. As a youth he painted and had his own darkroom to explore his first love of photography.
After school he joined the 1st Virtual Reality showroom in Berlin that later became the city’s first internet café. As an extra in an internet soap opera he met his future boss. What followed was a 12-year-stint in digital advertising, and a way-too-early shot at country-life.
His second passion as a cyclist led to the next job as bike-guide in Berlin, finally working with ‘normal’ people as opposed to advertising folks who only sell stuff but pretend it’s important. After a serious back-injury that left him a less than perfectly healthy, he gravitated back to photography and an existence that accommodates his need for regular rest.
Today he writes a blog at Berlin on Bike http://berlinonbike.de/blog and takes care of all things digital for them. Meanwhile he learned – somewhat late in life – that experiences and learning new things is way more important than possessions, which led to the creation of 60seconds as a creative outlet for his storytelling, both textual and visual. His big dream of becoming a professional travel writer and videographer is still some way off, but remains firm in his sight.


Thore sliding movies into pieces…

Thore being one year older than Sascha claims to have witnessed the big bang first hand. Born in Bremen, he arrived in Berlin 20 over years ago. He met Sascha working for the same digital marketing agency as a video producer/editor. He married, fathered a son, which he has been raising as a single dad for the last couple of years and planted some trees. After a two-year stay in a small town down south he gravitated back to Berlin, sorely missing it’s freedom and creativity.
He has been at photography more or less all his live and still owns his original film Pentax he bought as a teenager. Thore is always happy to try new techniques and is a true fountain of knowledge when it comes to videography, photography and gear. Aside from his work as an editor/producer for video and digital media in general he has been doing photoshoots and music videos for years, which he publishes on http://rehbach.eu Thore is a true pixel wizard and always willing to share his extensive knowledge.

60seconds was originally planned as a platform for standardized 60-seconds interviews, but quickly became something else and more. We are still not entirely sure where this journey will take us, but we are on a steep learning curve and broaden our spectrum every day.
If you want to Contribute just send us an email to info(at)60seconds(dot)eu
Yes you can book us. If you like our style and need any form of digital content we are happy to work with you, for a fee or some form of bartering.
Guest post – if you have a blog/website and are interested in exclusive content we will happily oblige – we have tons of unpublished material.
All content published on this site – text, pictures, videos and the general design are subject to copyright and may not be published elsewhere without explicit permission. If you are interested in licencing any content or if you just want a high-quality print, please just send us an email,

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