Bullet-holes and muezzins tl;dr:Mostar is very hot, has a beautiful old town, with a world famous bridge and a lot of houses with bullet holes and some street art. After just one full day in Dubrovnik our trip started for real and we left this middle-ages Disneyland by bus. Tickets are the … Continue reading

Berlin Pedal Battle 2014

Knights on 2 wheels Everyone has met one of these dark-ages-metal-viking-cosplayers who like to dress up and go to tournaments and reenactments and shit. More often than not these people seem a bit nerdy - you'll always find someone willing to discuss the finer points of medieval armaments at … Continue reading

Escape from Berlin – Havelland

Minute 1 Ich liebe meine Arbeit und ich liebe Berlin, aber auch als Stadtführer mit Hang zum Professoralen sehnt man sich gelegentlich nach ein paar Tagen Ruhe und offenen Himmel. Brandenburg ist nach wie vor zu großen Teilen terra incognita, auch wenn ich es im Sommer immerhin mal in den … Continue reading