Cloudporn Collection

Open Skies and dramatic clouds

One thing we never get tired of is looking in the sky. Most of us tend to never look up. We gaze on the floor just in front of our feet so we don’t stumble (or step in dogshit if you live in Berlin). If we look ahead our view is obstructed by houses, cars and trees, no horizon to be seen. Do yourself a favour and look up sometimes, even if there’s just a tiny sliver of sky between buildings, I promise you it will be rewarding. Go, and loose yourself in the ever-changing patterns of blue, white and grey and┬álet your cubconsciousness get to work.

To be totally honest, we’re pretty stuck in our┬ároutines these days and don’t really get around producing new material, so we delved in our archives to look for one of our favorite motives: clouds and sky – the wider the better.



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