Happy New Year

A Lego Star Wars Stop Motion Seasonal Greetings

By now it is something of a tradition to do a little video for New Year’s. It started with tea lights as pixels three years ago, followed by a break and a little uninspired play with fire.¬†So, this year we unleashed our inner geek and got a couple of platoons of¬†stormtroopers from the Lego collection of my nephews to show us their parade ground skills:

2016 has been a challenging year for a lot reasons, some of them personal, some of them connected to the overall fucked-upness of the world around us. We didn’t really achieve everything that we set out to do 12 months ago (still haven’t placed an article in a national print publication) but a lot of doors opened we didn’t even know were there. We hope you enjoy our little stop-motion routine and want to thank all of you for the support you gave us. Stay safe and strong! Do great things – or small things – as long as they help you grow and be the person you’re aspiring to be, even when life keeps pushing you in a 1000 directions at once.

Technical Info

We used 2 Yongnuo LED lights, a Pentac K3-II with a 50/1.7 lens, a Panasonic GX80 with 12-32 Kit. Filming took about 8 hours, during which time we shot around 500 stills. As backdrop we used a green cardboard.


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