Street Art of Shoreditch

London’s Eastend is an urban art mecca

Berlin, were we live is often considered to be Europe’s streetart capital. While it is true, that Berlin is a top destination from all over the world and that we have a number of local artist who are up there with the best, the overall quality is rather mixed. So let’s see how things are in London. A huge Thank You to Klaudia for providing us with this awesome collection of murals and grafitti from the British capital. If you’re interested in streetart from Berlin, you might enjoy the collection we’re maintaining over at Berlin on Bike.

Where available we added the artist and their homepage at the bottom of this post.

Street Art gallery London Eastend

We’re actually no experts, either on London or art, but the overall quality of the work in Klaudia’s pictures is absolutely stunning.  Stay tuned for more part 2 is in the making.

Artist’s profiles, Street Art of London

David David
Dale Grimshaw
Jimmy C
Jim Vision





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