Berlin Festival of Lights 2017

Everything is illuminated

Berlin’s Festival of Lights (FoL) has been seemingliy around for ages. A couple of years ago internal conflicts led to the creation of Berlin leuchtet, basically the same event, taking place at the same, just with different buildings, and anyone can participate. I tell you this, because some of the objects shown might not even be part of Festival of Lights, but the other festival, but frankly noone can tell them apart.

Video Festival of Light 2017

Over the years the experience has gotten a bit stale. Yes the vibes were always nice, but after two or three visits you were left with the feeling, that you have seen it all. Add to that the fact, that most buildings just projected random pictures or animations without any relation to the object they’re illuminating. This started to change last year, when competition forced the organizers to take that extra step and actually create specific projects for specific buildings. 3D mapping finally entered the stage. For FoL 2016 there were already some works that went in that direction and in 2017 this really takes the whole festival to another level.

Especially the animations at the Berlin cathedral/Lustgarten and the TV tower were really impressive, although we haven’t seen that much else. We’ll try to go exploring a bit more next week and add to this gallery.

Photo gallery Festival of Lights Berlin 2017

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