Streetart Sarajevo and Mostar

As a tourguide in Berlin one of my topics is doing streetart-tours for Berlin on Bike. These days Berlin is famous for its vibrant and everchanging scene of streetart, involving all kinds of subgenres, from classic grafitti over stencils leading to big murals that someone paid for or the more esoteric things like yarnbombing. One reason for that is rather lax approach of the authorities if you choose your target carefully, another is (or was, to be more precisely) the abundance of abandoned industrial and residential buildings. This let to the somewhat strange fact, that the city nowadays considers streetart to be a locational advantage.

At least as far as the availabilty of suitable ruins is concerned, Sarajevo and Mostar can more than compete with Berlin, on the other hand there is no real tradition for a Hip-Hop-scene that is the core of the devolepment for Streetart more or less world wide.

Street Art Mostar

We didn’t actively research anything in that regard before coming to Mostar but on our way in we noticed a rather large building whose groundfloor was entirely covered in paintings. So we paid that house a visit and brought a little gallery. Further research shows that most of these paintings were created during a streetart festival in 2012. Sadly I must admit that we haven’t encountered all of the good stuff that was created in this years installement of said festival.

Street Art Sarajevo

In Sarajevo we didn’t really find as much streetart as we would have thought. Most it was classical grafitti often done in a haphazard manner with drops running down where lines started. Some of them were a bit politic, quite some were from a french Artist named M. Chat, who visited Sarajevo in 2011. We asked a couple of locals but it seems so far Sarajevo is lacking a distinct spot for streetartists as we understand them to ply their trade. Instead we found a lot of interesting stuff on the bobsleigh run on the olympic mountain south of the city. It’s a bit sad though, because not really that many people see these pieces, but I’m sure I’ll find more on my next visit.


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