Spring in Berlin – a love letter

Let there be light

[Dear reader, please put on you favorite spring tune, before you continue reading. Or just press play on our spring-playlist on youtube]


Dear Berlin,

yesterday I finally remembered why I love you. For months I’ve been trying to get away from you – from the dark and the cold and the sunken faces everyone was wearing 24/7. You had me checking my bank account and skyscanner at least twice a week, my list of complaints grew from day to day, things I usually take in stride started to actively freak me out – and then, it was all good – just like that. Cycling home from work I felt it for the first time in months; you might not be the most beautiful city, but there’s no place I’d rather be in the first days of spring.

Cyclists at Tempelhof airport, Berlin

Cyclists at Tempelhof airport, Berlin

It starts with the small things, one day you realise that your alarm clock is blaring in the morning and it’s already daylight; colour returns to the city, when the willows sprout the first tender shoots; the honking¬†of geese flying overhead returning from skandinavia and the rest of the birds go crazy from all their mating-efforts.

Cherry-blossoms at the Berlin Wall trail with a view of the TV tower.

Cherry-blossoms at the Berlin Wall trail with a view of the TV tower.

And then it hits you: it’s spring in Berlin! Every day a little more of people’s lifes is transferred to the outdoors, even if it means you have to coddle in a blanket to have your coffee outdoor. You know this little game when someone approaches you on the sidewalk and both of you can’t decide which way to best evade the other. Just a short while ago situations like that could have led to very unpleasant and rude remarks (the citizens of Berlin are somewhat famous for those) – now they earn you a smile and if you’re lucky maybe even a telephone number from a beautiful stranger.


I put music on my ears and cruise from Prenzlauer Berg to Kreuzberg, singing along loudly, slamoming to the rythm of my favorite reggae-hymn and even car-drivers smile at me.


I can’t even remember what winter is like all of a sudden.


There is a¬†promise of endless summer. Of sunshine and icecream at the banks of Landwehrkanal, sundowners in Mauerpark, Barbecue at Tempelhof airfield and you just know it will be the best summer ever! It doesn’t matter if that promise will ever be fullfilled (and it rarely is), for today all is good.



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