Mecklenburg Lake district

I am super lucky in my regard to my friends. In fact almost all of my best friends have been around since my school days. But you know how it is, jobs, families, taxes  and all the rest live throws at grown-ups to make it hard to actually hang out with the people you love, and you end up seeing each other for an hour or twice a year. To do something about that, we rented a small house in the Mecklenburg lake district 2 hours north of Berlin for a weekend of camaraderie, good food and the great outdoors.

We ended up in a holiday park in Mirow that was perfect for us – it even had a sauna and a huge terrace, perfect for barbecue. And we even got a little history on our way back. Castle Rheinsberg was gifted to Frederick of Prussia by his father when he was still crownprince as a reward for being a good boy and finally marrying. Supposedly the time there was the happiest of his life and seeing the place I get why.

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