Classic car meeting Copenhagen

Most people only know me as a cycling enthusiast, and have no real wish to own a car. But cars have always fascinated me, because it is a product that is in a way the pinneacle of engineering, craftmanship and design. So much effort goes into these machines from so many people put so much emotions in them, that occassionally something extraordinary is created, and it does, although one gets the feeling that used to happen more frequently in decades past. Of course, if I look at it strictly rational I think all this brainpower and money could be put to a better use, but I still can’t deny that a nice car has me craning my neck every time.

On a recent visit to Copenhagen we stumbled upon a meeting of owners of classic cars right next the little mermaid on a pier, ships in the background providing the perfect atmosphere. So without further ado, here are my favorites:

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