3am dance and performance event in Berlin

Dance & performance

since we haven’t really been travelling much in the last months, I thought I’d share some local content. The day before yesterday 3am events held their 2nd birthday in an old industrial building in Berlin Treptow. The whole place is run as an artists collective with studios. 3am, according to their website, is a “…multi-disciplinary event that brings together artists and audience in order to challenge, experiment and reinvent the formats of presentation…”.

I was invited by a friend of mine who was involved in the execution of the event. Usually I’m not too much into dance and performance but I think it’s always good to stay open-minded and take a look at fresh things. And since I haven’t seen this friend for quite a while it seemed like a good opportunity to catch up, but even without this, it would’ve been totally worth it.

The building itself is a true treasure. Situated directly a small canal and the river Spree it is one of those sprawling brick-compounds, filled with amazing art and people, that we used to have so many of in Berlin. Today most of these are being turned over into office space for the ever-growing hipster-startup-community or lofts for the wealthy.

Anyway, since I don’t know anything about this particular artform and feel like my prose would inevitably fall short, I won’t even try to properly describe the evening. Suffice it to say, it was a beautiful in parts magical evening with a really cool and mixed crowd that lacked all of Berlins usual hyper-coolness. I does seem like dancers are indeed a different breed. They were all very warm and welcoming.

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